Da Bie Zi:

 Bie means “to use something to hold or secure the other side.”  In Shuai Jiao Bie or Bie Zi means
turning your body back and using the back of your leg to block your opponent’s leg while pulling him
to the other side.  There are many different Bie skills.  Here we will discuss the most popular one -
Da Bie Zi, or big Bie.  

 Da Bie Zi is a big movement skill and is also a typical turn waist skill.  It requires that you turn your
body around and to use very skillful footwork.  For example, assuming you have already grabbed
your opponent’s right sleeve with your left hand and clasped his collar with your right hand, you then
perform the following four movements:

1. Pull his body to your right side slightly and then push to your left using his resisting force (Figure
a).  Following this push, turn your body to the left and step forward with your right foot in front of his
right foot (Figure b).  

2. Continuously turn your body, stepping back with your left foot in front of his left foot (Figure c).  

3. Lift up your right leg in front of his right leg to knee level (Figure d).  

4.  Do a face change leftward and upward.  This will cause your left hand to pull his body forward and
sideways and your right hand to wrap his arm under your right arm.  At the same time your right leg
whips backward to his right leg (Figure e).  

 With your leg blocking his leg, this combination of forces will cause his body to twist around under
your body, lose balance and fall forward.  With this skill, if you can do everything well, you can throw
your opponent down cleanly.  Sometimes if parts of your skill are not good enough or a little bit slow,
you may fall down following your opponent, your body pounding onto his body.  This will often cause
injury, so be careful.  The series of photographs below illustrate this skill.
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