History and Development of Shuai Jiao
From historical records we know Shuai Jiao has a very long
history.  It is said to have been around for 5,000 years, dating
back to the time when Huangdi, the chief of a tribe, fought with
Chiyou, the other chief.  The soldiers of the Chiyou army
practiced “Jiao Di”, the old name for Shuai Jiao.  They also held
competitions and performances.  

Although its name has changed many times over the course of
history, Table 1 shows different names of Shuai Jiao, we can find
in records about this type of skill in literature of almost every
period.  Today we don’t know for sure the details of the skills and
rules involved.  But from written descriptions in these records we
know these skills were developed to very a high level.  Figures 1
and 2 show some Shuai Jiao records from ancient times.
Figure 1. Bronze plaque carved with wrestling
designs in bold relief, Warring States Period (475
B.C.-221B.C), unearthed in Kesheng Village, Xian,
Shaanxi Province.
Figure 2. Xiang Pu in Northern Song Dynasty
  The development of the skills and the rules involved becomes clearer when we get closer to modern Shuai Jiao,
during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).  Today the skills and training system directly inherits from that time. It is
the golden time of the development of SHuai Jiao.
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