Basic Principles
  From long periods of development, especially during the last three hundred years, the
principles of Shuai Jiao has developed to a high level.  Shuai Jiao is throwing skill - one
person throwing his opponent down to win the game.  A complete throwing skill is called “Ban”
or “Ban Zi”.  Each Ban or throwing skill of Shuai Jiao is comprised of a two parts: destabilizing
and trip setting.  
Usually there is no way to throw a well-trained person down directly when he holds a stable posture.  So you must
move him first to make him unstable.  When you move your opponent, you move his center of gravity.  You have
to make his whole body uncomfortable in order to interfere with his footwork.  Only when you move his center of
gravity do you have a chance to make him unstable.  Only when his body is uncomfortable does he need to make
adjustment to his position.  And when he makes some mistake in responding, it gives the practitioner a chance to
use his mistake to make him unstable.  Only when his footwork is destabilized does he have difficulty making the
proper adjustment.  When the opponent is unstable, his movement will be slow and then there is a chance to keep
him in an unstable state. From there you can lead him into being unbalanced.  There are many destabilizing
techniques.  Most of them are about hand techniques and footwork.  

Trip setting techniques involve setting up a trip in order to throw your opponent.  Most trips are set up with your
legs.  But the key point is always about how to use your hands to coordinate the foot.  

Although generally destabilizing and trip setting are two parts of a skill, actually these two parts cannot be
separated clearly, most of the time they have to overlap or even e performed together.  Integration and
coordination of the whole body movement is very important.  Usually it is said that the upper body movements,
including the arms and hands, head, and torso have to be integrated with the lower body movements, including
the hips, legs, and feet.  All of the basic training and skill training in Shuai Jiao is about this ability.  To learn
throwing skills, first one should understand basic hand techniques, footwork, body movements, and then how to
set up trips.
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