Foundation Training Methods

Basic gongfu training is very rich in Shuai Jiao. Today even many martial arts schools borrow the
training methods from Shuai Jiao training.  There are many methods for developing your strength,
balance, flexibility, agility, coordination, and integration.  Also, the highly confrontational nature of
Shuai Jiao trains your fighting ability in a very realistic and effective way that solo martial art forms

There are two parts to basic gongfu training in Shuai Jiao.  The first part is general conditioning,
called Ji Ben Gong - Basic Gongfu, The Ji Ben Gong is the foundation of physical conditioning
gongfu, it trains the practitioner for strength and flexibility.  The second part is sport specific,
called Ban Zi Gong – the foundation Gongfu of tripping skill.  The Ban Zi Gong trains the ability to
do trips in a coordinated manner.  In each part of the training, both empty hand practice and
equipment practice is used.  

In basic gongfu training, the most important feature is that the movement always emphasizes
whole body integration.  Every part of the body must move together in a coordinated manner.  For
example, lifting up double-stones seems like an exercise for arm strength, however in this
exercise you must learn to lift a stone with your whole body force, so that it makes your feet, legs,
waist, back, and shoulders work with your arms together.  Since some basic gongfu training is the
same or similar to training in all traditional Chinese martial arts, here we will introduce only some
gongfu skills that are unique to Shuai Jiao. They are the foundation of physical conditioning and
the foundation of tripping skills. Usually these skills should be practiced on both sides left and
right. Here we just describe one side.

Besides empty hands practicing, using equipments to help developing foundation Gongfu is very
important. In the history of Shuai Jiao, there have been many types of equipment developed for
practice created specially for developing different kinds of abilities.  There are also two parts of
equipment practice, Ji Ben Gong and Ban Zi Gong. They are used to developed basic abilities
and trip skills. Some of these equipments may be hard to obtain today.  Here we introduce some
of the most common ones.
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