Da Bang Zi – long stick: a long stick about 3 feet long, is used to develop side-to-side force where the
hands either pull or push at the same time in the opposite direction or the same direction using whole body
force.  Below figures show some practice methods.
Tui Zhuan - brick pushing:  Tui Zhuan is good for developing pushing force.  Grab a brick in each hand
and push out in different directions.  Each time the pushing force should start from the feet, passing
through the legs, back, shoulders, arms, and then through to the hands. Below figures show some practice
Fan Da Zhuan – turning over and rotating a large brick:  Here the brick, for city wall, is much larger
than usual.  Fan Da Zhuan is good for developing grabbing force and makes your wrists stronger.  Grab a
large brick with both hands and turn it over or rotate it in many different directions.  Figure 39 shows some
practice methods.
Da Gan Zi – long staff: Here the staff should be white wax wood and more than 12 feet long. It can be
held in one hand or both. Most exercises of the long staff are to develop shaking force. Da Gan Zi is very
helpful for integrating and coordinating whole body force. It can also used for two-person practice.  Below
figures show some practice methods.
Sha Dai - sandbag: the sandbag is usually around 10 lbs.  It is used to develop the hands and fingers’
grabbing force.  Exercises can be performed by one person or a small group. The bag can be thrown and
caught in many different ways.  Below figures show some practice methods.
Xiao Shi Suo - Small stone lock
Da Shi Suo - Large stone lock
Shi Gu - Stone Drum
Shuang Shi - Double-stones
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Basic Gongfu Training with Equipments

In the history of Shuai Jiao, there have been many types of equipment developed for practice created
specially for developing different kinds of abilities.  Some of these may be hard to obtain today.  Here we
introduce some of the most common ones.

Xiao Bang Zi – short stick: a short stick about 10 – 12 inches long wrapped in two pieces of thick
fabric, used to develop twisting force.  Using the stick the hands twist in opposite directions. Although the
hands do the twisting, the force should start from your feet and then pass through your legs, back,
shoulders, arms, and finally reach to your hands. Below figures show two practice methods.