Face to Face Trip Skills
Da Dehele:

Da means big, and Dehele is a Mongolian word meaning “outside hook.”  With this skill, you bend
your leg and your foot like a hook toward the outside. There is another skill called Xiao (small)
Dehele.  Both skills use similar principles, but the movements of Da Dehele are bigger and more
powerful.   Da Dehele is a typical face-to-face skill and usually belongs to the big movement skill
category.  For example, you have grabbed your opponent’s center belt with your left hand and his
collar with your right hand.  You can then do the three movements of Da Dehele:

1. With both hands, pull your opponent slightly to your right side, then towards you.  You should pull
him very close until his center belt is just in front of your belly (Figure a, b).  

2. Release your right hand from his collar and place it in front of his upper chest or even his neck, at
the same time stretch your right leg between his legs and pull back immediately.  This will let your
right leg hook his left leg from behind (Figure c, d).  

3.  Pull your left hand hard to hold his body close to you, then push your right forearm forward to
make his upper body lean back, and move your right leg back to hook his left leg upward and
forward (Figure e, f).  

The combinations of these three forces will cause his body to fall down backward.  Since your left
hand can release its hold on his center belt naturally at the last moment, it will cause the back of his
head to touch the ground first when his body falls down backward, so this skill is very dangerous.  If
you can do it hard and quick, it can hurt people badly.  Since the 1960’s, it is an illegal skill in
national competitions.  So if you practice it, please make sure that you do not release your left hand
to protect your partner.  The series of photographs below illustrate this skill.
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