Besides martial arts training, we also visited many famous historic sites. We get more
understanding about Chinese history and culture.
Practice Bagua in the front of the Bagua founder Dong Haichuan's grave
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2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
Visiting and ... ...
Visiting and ... ...
In the early morning, we practiced Taiji in the old Summer Palace
When we got rest, Shifu Zhang summarised our training
In his famous poem Chairman Mao said: "if one has
never be to the Greatwall, he is not a real man yet."
He is so exciting
The Famous Taoist Temple Baiyun Guan
- White Cloud Temple
We watched Beijing opera in a traditional theatre.
That day the performance was a Monkey King story.
Is my Qilin Bu correct?
In the Summer Palace
We are so tired, in Forbidden City
The painting of Zhang Shanfeng was watching the fighting
between snake and crane and then created Taiji Quan
We meet in the Walmart of Beijing
Interesting news
Forbidden City
Summer Palace