We visited well-known Master Xu Hanyuan in his small village near Beijing city. Master Xu is the
vice-president of the Beijing Sanhuang (three emperors) Paochui (cannon fist) Quan Association. He
learned this style with famous master Wang Yuepo beginning as a teenager. In 1970s, he started
learning Taiji Quan and then became Grandmaster Wang's disciple. He earned his reputation from his
powerful fighting skills.

We went to Master Xu's home first. There, he introduced principles and applications of Sanhuang
Paochui to us. He showed us some very old martial arts manuals and also signed his new book for
Shifu Zhang.  Then he brought us to the martial arts school where his students demonstrated several
different empty hand and weapon forms of Sanhuang Paochui. After, famous Shuaijiao (Chinese
wrestling) master Ma Debao's students demonstrated the basic gongfu of Chinese wrestling, include
the famous Zhong Fan (long post skills and throwing skills). Strider and Clayton also had friendly
wrestling matches with these students. Everyone was happy.
Sanhuang PaoChui Demonstration
Shuai Jiao - Chinese wrestling has long history and includes a lot of useful skills. In the old time it was
a very popular art. Almost every martial artist in north of China practiced Shuai Jiao. The students of
Shuang Miao Village martial arts school demonstrated several different equipment practice and wrestling
performance first, and then made friendly competition with us.
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2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
Visiting Master Xu Hanyuan's group
Visiting Master Xu Hanyuan's group
In Martial Arts Scool of Shuang Miao Village with Master Xu Hanyuan
Zhong Fan is very famous traditional art. Zhong means center and Fan means a post 25 feet long
decorated with bunting, flowers, and flags. Zhong Fan demonstration is that the performer carries the
post vertically on different parts of his body, arm, shoulder, head etc. He then threw it up and used his
hand, arm, shoulder, back, forehead, or even the top of his head to catch it. The post is kept vertically
the whole time.  Sometimes several performers perform together. They trow and carry the post between
each other. This kind of skill is commonly performed in Shuai Jiao place by wrestlers since it is good for
basic gongfu training. From 1930s to 1960s, the most famous performer in Beijing is Bao Shanlin, who
was also very famous wrestling and won whole conutry champine at that time. Master Ma Debao is
Master Bao's second disciple. So far he teaches young guys to practice Zhong Fan and wrestling in the
martial arts school of Shuang Miao Village.
Master Xu showed old martial arts manuel in his home