On September 3, they joined the ceremony with Grandmaster Wang's family at Grandmaster Wang's
grave. On September 11, they also joined a large ceremony in memory of Great Grandmaster Wang
Peisheng’s passing one year ago.
The Ceremony in the Grave of Grandmaster Wang Peisheng
From the left, Clayton Shiu, Strider Clark, and Zhang Yun in
front of the tombstone of Grandmaster Wang and his wife
The Memory Ceremony for Great Grandmaster Wang Peisheng's
Passing One Year Ago
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2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
The Ceremony for
Great Grandmaster Wang Peisheng
The Ceremony for
Great Grandmaster Wang Peisheng
In the Fo Shan Cemetery, with Grandmaster Wang's families, in the first line, oldest son
Wang Naixun (center), third son Wang Naizhao (the forth from the right) and forth son
Wang Naixiang (the third from the right)
Mr. Xu Cai, the president of Asia Martial Arts Association and the president
of China National Martial Arts Association, gave a speech in the ceremony
Mr. Xu Cai (in the center) hosted the unveiling
ceremony for Grandmaster Wang's statue
Well-known martial artists hosted the unveiling ceremony
of the memorial book and VCD for Grandmaster Wang
Talking with well-known Baiji Quan Master Bi Yuanda
With Shifu Zhang's gongfu brother Gao Xiaofei (the second from
the right), who taught in Japan, and his Japanese student (the
first from the right)
Grandmaster Wang's oldest son Wang Naixun
demonstrated Wu Style Taiji traditional long form
Grandmaster Wang's youngest son Wang
Naixiang demonstrated Taiji push hands
Japanese student demonstrated Wu style Taiji Jian
Grandmaster Wang's students demonstrated
Wu style Taiji Quan 37 Posture Form
Martial arts school students demonstrated Shaolin gongfu
From the left, Lu Shengli, Zha Zeren, Zhang Yun, and Gu Yun
in front of the tombstone of Grandmaster Wang and his wife
North American group demonstrated Taiji by Clayton
Shiu, Xingyi by Strider Clark, and Bagua by Dmitriy Gak
With Shaolin kids
Students from YCGF North American group showed
their respect to Great Grandmaster Wang's portrait
Master Zhao Zeren, Lu Shengli and Zhang Yun
burned paper money in the ceremony
On the reverse side of the Grandmaster Wang's
tombstone shows the contribution from Shifu
Zhang Yun and his American students