We had class with well-known master Ma Jinlong, the president of the Beijing Li Style Taiji Quan
Association. Master Ma studied Li Style Taiji Quan and Chuojiao Fanzi Quan with Grandmaster Gao
Ruizhou from young age. Then he became Grandmaster Wang Peisheng's disciple in 1980s (Master
Gao and Master Wang were blood gongfu brothers). He won the gold medal in a the national martial
arts championships in 1980s. His basic gongfu is great and his form performance is beautiful. In his
class, he introduced Li Style Taiji Quan short form and Five Dragon Fist form.
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2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
Training with Master Ma Jinlong
Training with Master Ma Jinlong
Demonstrated Li Style Taiji Quan
Push hands and application
Showed some basic gongfu
Teaching Five Dragon Fist Form
Tito made the wood cut picture of Grandmaster Wang to Master Ma