Master Zhao Zeren gave us three classes. The first class was in Tongbei, the second in Chinese
Wrestling, and the third in general fighting principles. His classes really made everyone very excited.
In Master Zhao's Tongbei class, he taught us Eight Ancestor Fist Form and explained
Tongbei fighting principles and skills.
Master Zhao's class started from this
Expaining the principles
Teaching the form
Demonstrated fighting skills
Throwing skills in different ways
In Master Zhao's Shuai Jiao - Chinese Wrestling class, he taught some basic gongfu
training skills and some useful fighting skills
In Master Zhao's general fighting principles class, he explained in detail about fighting
principles and skills, and demonstrated many useful techniques.
Exlained how to make explosive force
Explained how to use Taiji principle in fight
We had tea in Master Zhao's home
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2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
Training with Master Zhao Zeren
Training with Master Zhao Zeren
Demonstrated the famous Shuai Jiao
step: "Jumping Cucumber Rack"
Basic gongfu: Coilling Kick
Now we wear the uniforms
Different ways to grip, and then ... ...