Besides martial arts training, we also visited many famous historic sites.
We developed a deeper understanding of Chinese history and culture.
Yi He Yuan - the Summer Palace, the last royal
palace, was built in the nineteenth century to
celebrate the 60th birthday of the Empress Cixi.
The Wanshou Shan Hill and Kunming Hu Lake are
important features of the palace compound.
Bai Yun Guan - the White Cloud Temple
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Beijing 2007 - Training and Visiting
Beijing 2007 - Training and Visiting
Visiting and ... ...
Visiting and ... ...
Tian Tan - The Temple of Heaven
The White Could Temple is one of the
most famous Daoist temples in China. It
was built by order of the Emperor for the
Daoist master Qiu Chuji who was founder
of the Longmen - Dragon Gate style.

The stone inscription on the right is an
illustrated description of the method for
Daoist Qigong health practice.