The Yin Cheng Gong Fa family in-door disciple Baishi
ceremony was set in the Longfuju Restaurant of Beijing
on the evening of October 27, 2007.
Checking our new clothes. The day before the
discipleship ceremony, everyone got a new
custom made traditional uniform made of
high-quality silk from the number one silk
store of China. Everyone picked his/her favor
color silk.
Master Zhang Desan, Zhao Zeren, Lu Shengli,
and Zhang Yun checked the ceremony stage.
Preparing the paperwork
for the ceremony
According to traditional Baishi protocol, each new
disciple needed to answer questions, read his/her
enrolling oath, and do three
koutou to show his/her
respect to his/her shifu.
Master Lu Shengli opened the
door to accept one disciple
Master Zhang Yun accepted
three disciples
Master Strider Clark accepted one disciple
Master Clayton Shiu accepted five disciples
Master Zhao Zeren announced that the Baishi
protocol was completed and welcomed all new
disciples joining the YCGF family.
Master Zhang Desan, Lu Shengli, Zhang Yun,
and Gu Yun gave speeches
Famous Chinese Calligraphy
expert Luo Jianhong, Grandmaster
Luo Shuhuan's daughter, wrote
calligraphy for the ceremony
Now, we celebrate the family growing up!
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The Ceremony for Accepting In-door Disciples
The Ceremony for Accepting In-door Disciples
Beijing 2007 - Training and Visiting
Beijing 2007 - Training and Visiting
The Baishi ceremony started at 5:00pm.
Master Zhao Zeren was the master of
the ceremonies. Master Zhang Desan,
the oldest brother of the generation,
led the ceremony protocol.
New disciples are waiting for their protocols