Shifu Zhang Yun treated us to a welcome-to-Beijing party
in a very famous Chinese Muslim restaurant.
Every training day, we got these:
Our quick breakfast ... ...
Our simple lunch ... ...
Our different dinner ... ...
When we traveled, we tried many
different foods ... ...
When we were tired, we went
to the tea house to relax.
At the end of our training, we gave our teachers a party to show our respect. We
had delicious food and a wonderful performance in a traditional style restaurant.
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Party, Food, Party
Party, Food, Party
Beijing 2007 - Training and Visiting
Beijing 2007 - Training and Visiting
Do you like Bai Jiu?
The Monkey King came down the stage
Beijing roast duck services
Pulling and throwing noodles
Eleven year old twin sisters
Qing Dynasty traditional Manchurian-style dress
Mr. Su Yue (second from the left), Master Luo Shuhuan's calligraphy
disciple, is the one of the most famous calligraphy masters in China.
He wrote a famous Taoist sentence for Shifu Zhang Yun.
Every time, when the
foods were on the
table, the first thing
we did was to take