Tai Ji Quan

Tai Ji Quan is also taught in the curriculum and is also used
to enhance the students Xing Yi training but it also can be
studied by itself.  Tai Ji is perhaps one of the world’s most
sophisticated martial arts as it takes many years of dedicated
intense practice and research to understand and use it
properly.  At the academy Tai Ji is taught, as it was originally
intended, as a martial art, with the various health and
meditative aspects developed as a natural by product of
proper practice. Shifu Ingarm teaches Wu Style Tai Ji Quan.
Bai Mei Fo Jia Quan

Bai Mei Fo Jia Quan is also taught at the academy. Bai Mei is a southern shaolin style that was passed down from the Kuang family
who had learned it from the shaolin master Bai Mei. A great emphasis is placed on rigorous hard training to harden the body and
strengthen the mind. This system was learned by Shifu Ingram through his “oath” brother, Shifu Anthony “Tony” Clark who is well
known as a Master of 7 Star Preying Mantis. Shifu Ingram was made a disciple in this system under Master Kuang Shuang Qian. Bai
Mei is a separate system from the general curriculum taught through Yin Cheng Gong Fa.
Bai Yuan Tong Bei Quan

Bai Yuan Tong Bei Quan is taught primarily in the children’s classes at the academy. Bai Yuan
Tong Bei Quan is an ancient style that focuses on the spirit, and to a lesser degree, the
movements of a white ape.  The movements are ideally suited to teach children coordination,
balance, speed, and power.
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Ba Gua Zhang

Ba Gua Zhang is taught in the curriculum at the academy and is used to complement and enhance the students Xing Yi
training although it can be studied by itself. Ba Gua is based upon the ancient Chinese classic Yi Jing/Book of Changes.
Ba Gua is known for its light and quick footwork and ability to change from one angle of attack/defense to another quickly
and suddenly. Primarily practice in Ba Gua revolves around circle walking and quick “palm changes” to develop ones
internal strength. Shifu Ingram teaches Cheng Style and Liu Style Bagua Zhang.
Xing Yi Quan

Xing Yi Quan is the primary style taught at the academy. Xing Yi is based upon the 5 elements/Wu Xing
from Chinese philosophy and incorporates the spirit and forms of 12 different animals. Although it is an
internal style, Xing Yi is the most active and aggressive of the internal styles. The mindset of the style is
best summed up in the Chinese axiom “Attack like an eagle, defend like a bear”. Xing Yi practice focuses
upon massive repetition of the 5 Elements and 12 animals in order to develop, refine and strengthen
ones internal force. In our school classes, Shifu Ingram teaches Hebei style Xing Yi Quan.