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Zhi Cheng Martial Arts School
Zhi Cheng Martial Arts School
The name of the school comes from the
famous Chinese sentence: "
you zhi zhe,
shi jing cheng

you: there is, have;
zhi: will;
zhe: person;
shi: cause, undertaking;
jing: finally, after all;
cheng: success, achievement

Zhi in Chinese can mean both will power
and aspiration/ambition, since those are
clearly related.  
Zhi doesn't just mean any
dream.  Dream also implies illusion, unreal,
and fantastic.  Where as
Zhi has only the
positive meanings of the word dream.  In
English the closest word is aspiration, that
zhi, although something that can be very
high, is an achievable, realistic goal, given
enough time and effort.  The perfect
example of
Zhi is the kind of dream Martin
Luther King Jr. talks about in his famous
speech "I have a dream..." There is an
English phrase "where there is a will, there
is a way" that matches this sentence
almost exactly in meaning.  Here the more
direct translation is "
where there is
enough will, there will be success
The lineage chart shows the sources of our skills. The portraits of Older generation
masters whom we can identify are hanged on the wall to show our respect. Great
Master Wang Peisheng is our inspiration and to us represents the highest level of
martial arts skills. It is he who transmitted these valuable knowledge and skills to
us directly.
Zhi Cheng Martial Arts School is the New
York Branch of Yin Cheng Gong Fa
Association. Shifu Clayton Shiu is owner
and head instructor. The school offers
traditional Chinese martial arts training,
including both internal and external styles,
like Taiji, Bagua, Tongbei, and Shaolin.

Zhi Cheng School is part of Harlem Healing
Arts Wellness Center, which offers traditional
Chinese medicine, massage, chiropractor,
and even Salsa dance classes.