Trip to Beijing

by Terry Thomas
Thanks to Zhang Laoshi, the training in Beijing was a fantastic experience and is something I will remember for a
lifetime.  We would get up each morning and take the crowded bus to the practice space - making our way along with
the millions of Beijingers on their way to work or school.  Learning from Zhang Laoshi's gongfu brothers, the masters I
had heard so much about from Zhang Laoshi and Strider, was an interesting experience.  Each of them learned from
the same teachers, including Wang Pei Sheng, but all had different personalities that where expressed in their art.  
Each of them treated us like family members and were really interested in seeing us develop our skills, especially since
we had traveled so far and because we are their brother's students.  We learned the Tongbei 24 posture form,
Tongbei fighting strategy, Shuai Jiao training and techniques, and some Taiji principle applications.  I learned a lot in
such a short time!
I also enjoyed the friendship and sharing meals together.  So much food!  I thought
I was going to lose weight on this trip, but that was impossible with the waves of
authentic Chinese dishes that found their way to our table each day.  I had an
opportunity to try many exotic dishes, although I passed on the scorpions on a stick
that were purchased on Wangfujing Street.

I had many opportunities to try to speak Chinese to native speakers.  I must say
that I have improved, but still a long way to go.  Just ask the frustrated ladies at our
hotel desk!  

Shopping and sight-seeing was fun too.  Lots of fun bargaining for gifts with the
vendors at the markets.  Each of us would return with something we bought, proud
of the price we paid and boasting of our negotiating gongfu.  Also, we got to check
out temples, the Summer Palace, the famous Forbidden City, and a night at the
Beijing Opera.  Others visited the Great Wall, but since I had already been there
last year, I chose to take a side trip to Nanjing to visit a friend.  Riding on the train
in a sleeper car was a fun and unique experience that I enjoyed.  Nanjing was a
different flavor than Beijing and I enjoyed the southern food there.
When I returned to Beijing, we had more training, which found me flying to the floor
at the hands of Zhao Laoshi.  He decided to use me to demonstrate some Shuai
Jiao skills to the group.  I learned quickly not to resist! Haha.

The trip also had some solemn and reflective moments as we visited the final
resting place of Grandmaster Wang Pei Sheng in the mountains outside Beijing.  
His family held a private service and we were invited to participate, which was an
honor.  The trip also culminated in a day-long ceremony to celebrate the life of
Master Wang.  Many of his students and friends attended the ceremony, which
included video presentations, speaches, gongfu demonstrations, and friendship.

Thanks again to Zhang Laoshi for giving us this opportunity to meet his gongfu
brothers and for making this trip possible.  He made everything
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2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
2005 Beijing Trip - Training and Visiting
Impression, Feeling, ...
Impression, Feeling, ...